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Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

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Why Choose Us

A constantly changing world; Industry relevant education.

Job market and industries are constantly changing. CIT pride itself in providing job-ready education. We constantly align our curriculum to fill the in-demand skill gap to put our students ahead of the curve. Job candidates are increasingly looking for flexibility, growth and work-lifestyle match.

No one wants to work just to survive.

We want our jobs and lives to complement each other and provide us the opportunity to be valued and valuable in the world. CIT is truly a place for education for landing this new kind of job.

CIT is providing students with essential skills so they can realize and share their true potential with the world.

Six Benefits of Studying at CIT:

  • Get flexible, job-ready education.
  • Find the right career.
  • Start when you’re ready: With rolling start dates, we’re ready when you are.
  • Study on your schedule: With in-class or online options, you can work while you learn.
  • Funding options: Meet with student services to explore all financial aid opportunities for our students.
  • Lifelong support: Our ongoing career and graduate employment services are part of CIT’s commitment to support our community.

Our Students Success Stories

Below is what our students have to say about us.